Smart Solar Charging


International media attention for Smart Solar Charging

Dutch and international media featured Smart Solar Charging and We Drive Solar last week!

The Swedish website KIT, known for featuring contemporary issues in an appealing way, published a video about about Smart Solar Charging and We Drive Solar in Lombok, the Netherlands. The video received over 50,000 views on Facebook in one week.

The Slovenian national television broadcasted an 7-minute video with a profound explanation of Smart Solar Charging:


In the same week, the following Dutch media featured our project as well.

The tv-channel VARA-BNN broadcasted an interesting item about  Electric cars in Lombok (in Dutch).

TV-presenter Diederik Jekel of the NTR-programme ‘De Kennis van Nu’ visited Lombok for a tv-special on ‘De kracht van zonne-energie‘ (The Power of Solar Energy, Lombok is featured from 12.40 minutes onwards).