Smart Solar Charging

About Smart Solar Charging

Smart Solar Charging is a sustainable energy system on district, city or regional level. Locally produced solar energy is stored in (shared) cars with Vehicle2Grid technology: a smart and dynamic quick charging and storage system. This creates flexible storage capacity that reduces peak loads on the power grid.  The stored energy can be released to the district at a later time, when energy prices are high or there is risk of network congestion.

With living labs towards large-scale transition

By learning from practice, Smart Solar Charging is prepared for large-scale transition to the use of renewable energy sources. The energy system with electric cars as ‘batteries on wheels’ is further developed within five living labs in the Utrecht district. Read more about the living labs here (INSERT LINK). In these living labs, researchers and entrepreneurs work together to optimise the innovative system on energy performance, user behavior and value models.

Below are two informative films that give a comprehensive overview of the project:

  1. Smart Solar Charging – Sustainable energy available anytime
  2. Clip from Dutch television program VPRO Tegenlicht: The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy
1. Smart Solar Charging – Sustainable energy available anytime

Discover how Smart Solar Charging enables the energy transition and meet the people of this unique collaboration. Entrepreneur Robin Berg, professor Wilfried van Sark, project manager Michiel Scherrenburg, researcher Tom Wolvers and developer Matthijs Kok reflect on how living labs are required for the energy transition.

2. Clip from VPRO Tegenlicht: The Breakthrough of Renewable Energy

Watch below a clip of the Dutch television progam VPRO Tegenlicht, episode The Breakthrough of Renewable Energy. The episode includes a visit to the Smart Solar Charging project in Utrecht.