Smart Solar Charging


Project Smart Solar Charging nominated for Pathways to Sustainability Award

One of the three nominees for the Pathways to Sustainability Award is Smart Solar Charging, which accelerates the energy transition by contributing to energy neutral districts, cities and regions. The project is highly interdisciplinary, involves stakeholders intensively in co-creating the agenda and the activities and is expected to have great societal impact.

Pathways to Sustainability Award

Logo Universiteit UtrechtSmart Solar Charging, NATURVATION and SustaIndus have been selected as the three best transdisciplinary research projects at Utrecht University. Based on the assessment criteria of engagement across multiple disciplines, co-creation with stakeholders, addressing a sustainability challenge and societal impacts of projects, the projects received the highest scores from the jury. One of the projects will win the Pathways to Sustainability Award by public vote at the Pathways to Sustainability conference on 5 March.

About project Smart Solar Charging

Smart Solar Charging helps Utrecht to become the world’s first city balancing its energy needs with the bidirectional charging technique. The broadly applicable technique enables smart charging of electric cars with solar power, storing solar energy peaks in car batteries and using the energy when the energy demand is high. In this way, electric cars become part of smart power grids and increase their energetic and economic return.

Discover how Smart Solar Charging enables the energy transition in the movie Smart Solar Charging – Sustainable energy available anytime.