Smart Solar Charging


We share the knowledge resulting from the Smart Solar Charging project via publications and presentations. Please find an overview below.

July 2017 – Paper: Smart Solar Charging: Bi-Directional AC Charging (V2G) in the Netherlands
In Lombok, Utrecht, the Netherlands, an innovative pilot was initiated for local storage of locally produced solar power. The combination of smart solar charging stations, shared electric vehicles and AC (alternating current) V2G technology should prevent serious grid congestion in low voltage grids as well as massive grid investments.
Read the article: Smart Solar Charging: Bi-Directional AC Charging (V2G) in the Netherlands
Author: Baerte de Brey, ElaadNL


June 2017 – Paper: Capacity management of low voltage grids
This paper was presented at CIRED 2017 and investigates capacity management of low voltage grids using universal smart energy framework. This framework is applied in a pilot project in Lombok, Utrecht.
Read the article:  Capacity management of low voltage grids using universal smart energy framework
Authors: Edward Coster, Henk Fidder en Milo Broekmans, Stedin; Christian Koehler, Venios. 


June 2017 – Presentation: Smart Solar Charging
Dr. Wilfried van Sark, associate professor at Utrecht University, gave a presentation about Smart Solar Charging during the international conference Smart Sustainable Cities: Viable Solutions of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.
View the presentation.


May 2017 – Master thesis:  V2G Business Model
Storage capacities support the large-scale diffusion of renewable energy sources. Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology serves as the enabler to use car batteries as short-term storage. This paper aims to suggest guidelines for the configuration of a V2G business model in the Swiss market environment.
Read the master thesis: Vehicle-to-Grid Business Model – Entering the Swiss Energy Market
Author: Alexander Kaufmann, student University of St Gallen (CH)


April 2017 – Masterthesis: The role of vehicle-to-grid systems in the energy transition
In this master thesis, Steijn van der Zwaag addresses the role of vehicle-2-grid systems in the energy transition. The research is based on the experiences with Smart Solar Charging in the City of Utrecht.
Read the master thesis: The role of vehicle-to-grid systems in the energy transition
Author: Steijn van der Zwaag, student University of Groningen


November 2016 – Thesis: In contact with the energy of the future
What can local sustainable energy initiatives learn from Smart Solar Charging.
Read the thesis: Contact met de energie van de toekomst (in Dutch)
Authors: Iris Brinkman, Maike Brinksma andMachteld Simoens, students Utrecht University


September 2015 – Report of CE Delft: Affordable power by smart charging of EV’s
Synergies between electric driving and local renewable energy production.
Read the report (in Dutch): Affordable power by smart charging of EV’s
Authors: Sanne Aarnink, Maarten Afman, Huib van Essen and Marijke Schuurbiers, CE Delft


August 2015 –  Paper: Smart charging of electric vehicles with photovoltaic power and vehicle-to-grid technology in a microgrid; a case study
This paper presents a model developed to study the increase of self-consumption of photovoltaic (PV) power by smart charging of electric vehicles (EVs) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. Read the paper as published in Applied Energy,  volume 152, pp. 20-30.
Read the master thesis: Potential of increasing PV selfconsumption with a combination of smart grid technology and storage in electric vehicles in the residential sector.
Authors: Mart van der Kam and Wilfried van Sark, Utrecht University